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     Welcome to Noda International Association (NIA)!

    Noda International Association(NIA) is an organization of volunteers
    from the people living or working in Noda city,
    founded in May 1997, with a view of internationalization of
    the local society to be friendlier to the world.

    NIA wishes any foreigners to live in the city could enjoy their new
    lives in Japan happily and safely, and is proceeding mainly
    the following activities;

    opening schools for supporting the foreigners to learn Japanese
       language and  to introduce various public information

    conducting foreign language classrooms for Japanese citizens,
       and other events  to deepen their understanding foreign cultures

    cooperative activities with various organizations for the
       international friendship in other cities

    We sincerely hope for your cooperation and supports to our activities in   
    Noda International Association, which are aiming at promotion of
    international understanding recognizing and respecting different
    nationalities, races, cultures, religions, and philosophies in the world,
    in order to live together  safely and peacefully in Noda.
      You are always welcome to join us
               and to be a member of NIA.

    A guide to Japanese language school

    Noda International Association(NIA) provides Japanese language classes
    where you can learn practical Japanese language needed in daily life.

    In the classes you can enjoy various lessons of Japanese such as speaking,
    hearing, writing, and reading, whatever you need, depending on your
    current level of wide range from very beginners to advanced learners.

    We open the school two days weekly, on Sunday and Monday;
   ・Sunday class : opens from 15:00 to 16:30
   ・Monday class : opens from 10:00 to 11:30
      Open every week on the 8th floor of the Noda City Hall

   ・Sekiyado class : opens from 10:30 to 12:00 (Sunday)
       Open every week on the 4th floor of Ichiino Hall

    You can take any class or all classes depending on your convenience.
   ・lesson fee is 100 yen for each lesson for non-member of NIA. 
      If you are a member of NIA, all lessons are free of charge.
   ・The NIA’s annual member ship is always available for anybody
      with 2,000 yen per year.



   Activities of  NIA

International Friendship Festival

   ・Speeches in Japanese by foreign citizen
      Foreign ethnic dances
   ・Trying ethnic dresses
   ・Sampling of foreign dishes

    Japanese Language School
   ・Sunday class
   ・Monday class
   ・Sekiyado class
   ・Out-of-school study to learn Japan
   ・Training course for Japanese language volunteers
   ・Training lectures for current staff members

   Friendship Events
   ・One day bus tour for friendship
   ・Participation in Tanabata Dancing Parade
   ・One night homestay for international students
   ・Cooking classes for foreign dishes
   ・Rice-cake pounding festival
   ・Supporting international understanding education
      for schoolchildren at schools in the city

   ・Small tea parties to talk about different cultures

    Foreign Language Classes
   ・English conversation class
   ・Korean language class
   ・Chinese language class
   ・Thai language class

   Publicity Activities
   ・Publication of the bulletin “Fanfare NIA”
   ・Publication of the newsletter “Mini-tsuusin”
   ・Maintenance of the web site

Review and Promotion of Activities of NIA

   ・Holding the Operating Committee
   ・Holding the Executive Board
   ・Holding the Annual General Meeting



          Raising NIA Members

  We are inviting your applications for NIA members.
  Let’s have together more chances to talk with people
  from different countries and to get to know more about
  various countries and cultures.

  Why don’t you come and join us, NIA?

  Your life would be more fun and exciting with us.

   Annual Membership Fee
   ・general……………… ¥2,000
   ・student……………… ¥1,000
   ・family member ……… ¥3,000 (for two or more)

   For more information, please contact the following;
   ・NIA information desk
    at Planning and Administration Sec.
      in Noda City-Hall

  ・Phone No. : 04-7123-1065
  ・e-mail :
  ・Fax No. : 04-7122-1557